Our library is sufficiently spacious with an overall carpet area of 500Sq.m.The library is kept open from 9.00AM to 4.30PM on all working days. The college library has a good collection of 7172 books with 2342 titles plus National and International Journals covering every departmental requirement. The library entries and issues are carried out by bar code technology and well equipped with modern facilities. The library hall is well ventilated, lighted and provided with internet facility. The study hall is fully furnished with facilities to study and for preparing notes. The resources are upgraded every year and subscriptions are renewed for journals of National and International. Reading materials have been shelved very conveniently for easy reference. Library staff member is always available to help students and staff. Materials are issued on a fortnightly basis to students and on a semester basis to faculty and staff. Daily News papers are also available for reading.

Library Collections

Volumes 10000
Titles 3499
Journals and Magazines 47
National Journals

International Journals



Online Journal Delnet
Xerox & Print Facilities Available